Training programs
In October of 2015 Scientific and production association “AVIA”, Ltd., was issued with the type rating training organization (TRTO) certificate for the training center. The State aviation authority of Ukraine has also issued “AVIA”, Ltd., with the appropriate certificates and permissions for use of the simulators in the training process.

Training is provided on certified simulators of Mi-8MTV (Mi-17), Mi-171 (Mi-8AMT) and Mi-172 (Mi-17V-5) helicopters according to the following approved training programs and courses:

- operator proficiency check for helicopter pilots and flight engineers program (OPC);
- program of line proficiency check of helicopter pilots and flight engineers in FFS level “D”;
- program of recurrent training for helicopter pilots and flight engineers;
- program of conversion training for helicopter pilots and flight engineers;
- recurrent training course in crew resource management;
- conversion training for aviation personnel with no experience in civil aviation;
- flight personnel training program for night vision systems (NVG) flights;
- program of preparing for flights to offshore oil rigs;
- training program for off-route flights with the right to choose landing grounds from the air in mountainous terrain;
- program of flight personnel instrument rating – IR (H);
- flight personnel training in VFR, special VFR and IR in full flight simulator (FFS) in different weather conditions;
- program of flight crew training for performance of international airlines flights;
- type rating instructor (TRI) training program;
- synthetic flight instructor (SFI (H)) training program;
- program of training flight crew on performance of flights with the use of area navigation system RNAV);
- training of coordinators (instructors) of flight (simulator) line oriented flight training (LOFT);
- program of crew resources management instructor (CRM I) training;
- instrument rating instructor (IRI (H)) training program;
- flight crews training in aviation security
Test and self-assessment of theoretical knowledge are performed by computer based training system (CBTS). CBTS contains questions for test and self-assessment on the following subjects:

Air law;
- Operation of aircraft and power unit;
- Operation of aviation and radio electronic equipment;
- Preparation for and performance of flight;
- Human factor;
- Aviation meteorology;
- Air navigation;
- Operational procedures;
- Practical aerodynamics;
- Radio communication rules and phraseology.