Flight debriefing station
Save time of the Full Flight Simulator operation by debriefing the flight with the help of Specialized Debriefing Station (SDS).

Debriefing station is used for detailed analysis of flight recorded on the flight simulator. During performance of an exercise all helicopter flight parameters including: different data, helicopter on-board systems data, navigation conditions, video from the surveillance cameras, sound environment imitator data and crew members voice conversations are recorded. The instructor can mark certain phases of flight with the help of markers.

Flight debriefing station
General view of the debriefing station with 6 monitors and LCD 50"

Diversified stepwise analysis of the crew actions after a training flight is very important when the crew is practicing in difficult and emergency situations and allows significant improvement of the quality of crew training in short terms. Using the SDS the instructor can more clearly specify the mistakes of the students that have been made during the exercise. This method can also be effective in refreshment training, as it allows to see the specifics of piloting techniques using the detailed review of flight, including instruments readings, flight data and actions of the crew. The SDS operates on the separate computer station that is independent from the Full Flight Simulator. Autonomous operation of the SDS allows to provide debriefing while another crew is practicing in the Full Flight Simulator.

In addition to the debriefing functions, the SDS can be used for playback of visual material showing the necessary actions of the crew relating to emergency situations training. The SDS individual channels such as visualization system, video of crew actions, instruments panel, navigational conditions, can be displayed on separate LCD-displays.

- Management – is controlled by standard operations "Start", "Stop ", "Fast Playback", "Slow Playback", "Scroll slider";
- Geographical map - fully complies with flight map that was loaded during the exercise record;
- 3D panel of the cockpit instruments is fully consistent with the instrument panel of the helicopter;
- Instructor visualization channel - with the possibility of central camera rotation;
- Charts of all flight parameters of the helicopter;
- Video and audio can be played in real-time: sounds of environment, crew conversations, video from the surveillance cameras.

Flight debriefing station
General view of the debriefing station with 3 monitors