Computer Based Training System
Computer Based Training System (CBTS) is used for theoretical training of flight crews and technical personnel serving the helicopters Mi- 8 MTV, Mi-17V, Mi-171, Mi-17V -5 and contains the complete course of theoretical training for those helicopter types.

CBTS is important part of the helicopter training complex and provides complete, integrated cycle of ground training for flight crews. The CBTS theoretical training course with subsequent development of practical skills with the use of training boards of helicopter functional systems allow to perform personnel training in a very short time. Further their training with the use of cockpit procedures trainer and full flight simulator will allow preparing highly qualified professionals.

CBTS contains more than 2,500 pages of specialized methodological materials with pictures and animation (in Russian, English and Spanish) and provides:

- Individual training of flight and maintenance personnel on structure and operating procedures of helicopters Mi-8 MTV, Mi - 17V, Mi-171, Mi-17V-5 with the use of pictures, video, graphics, text, audio materials and 3D computer animation;
- Independent test of acquired knowledge in "self-control" mode;
- Checking by the teacher the completeness and quality of the gained knowledge in the "examination" mode;
- Creation and storage of complete individual information on the preparation of each student.

CBTS contains teaching aids on the following topics and disciplines of the training course for pilots and technical staff:
- Helicopter structure and operation of its systems and equipment;
- Helicopter instrument equipment;
- Helicopter electrical equipment ;
- Helicopter radio-electronic equipment ;
- Engines TV3- 117VM and VK -2500 design and operation ;
- Auxiliary power units AI-9V and SAFIR 5K / G MI design and operation;
- Practical aerodynamics ;
- Helicopter flight manual ;
- Flights meteorological service;
- "Self-control" mode in all stages of training.

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Computer Based Training SystemComputer Based Training System
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