Cockpit equipment and instrument imitators
One of the main requirements for the operation of modern flight simulators is to ensure the full identity of the instruments imitators and cockpit equipment to those of the real helicopter. Accurate and high-quality simulation of the instruments operation and cockpit aircraft equipment is an essential condition for acquiring the proper skills in flight simulator.

Years of experience and strict quality control enable us to produce aircraft instruments imitators that are identical to the real instruments, in appearance, tactile sensations and operation in simulation mode.

Our aircraft instruments imitators are complete digital devices that do not require additional maintenance and calibration over a long service life.

Scientific and Production Association "AVIA", Ltd. has engineering, development and production facilities which are constantly improving. This allows to manufacture to order and on tight schedule full range of instruments imitators and aircraft equipment of the simulator cockpits of the highest level of complexity, including instruments imitators outside of standard MI- 8 MTV and MI- 171 factory-supplied equipment.

KNS-81, KT-76, KNI-117, VRS, 2 УТ-6К instruments imitatorsKNS-81, KT-76, KNI-117, VRS, 2 УТ-6К instruments imitatorsCockpit equipment and instrument imitatorsSophisticated instrument ПНП-72-14 imitatorSophisticated instrument ПНП-72-14 imitator