About us
Scientific and Production Association “AVIA”, Ltd. was founded in 1998. The company specializes in the development and delivery of Mi-8 MTV, Mi -171, Mi -172 helicopters and their modifications training complexes.

State Department of Aviation Transport of Ukraine has conducted certification tests of Mi-8 MTV (AMT) training complex and the Certificate of Compliance has been issued.

In 2006, the company has been certified according to the international quality system
ISO 9001:2000, IDT.

In 2007 the training complex of the helicopter Mi-8 MTV (AMT) has passed state tests to be used as the standard equipment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

In 2007 The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine has chosen Scientific and production association “AVIA”, Ltd. as the official manufacturer (supplier) of the goods for the Armed Forces of Ukraine

In 2008, the company has been licensed in the development, manufacture, repair and modernization of military equipment by the Ministry of Industrial Policy of Ukraine.

Manufacture authorship of Scientific and Production Association “AVIA", Ltd. is protected by dozens patents of Ukraine and other countries.

About us About us

In December of 2015 the certification tests of Mi-8MTV (Mi-17-1V), Mi-171 and Mi-17V-5 (Mi-172) helicopters FFS and FNPT in the training center of Scientific and production association “AVIA”, Ltd., were finally over. Those tests had been being run by the State aviation authority of Ukraine since June of 2014.

As the result of the certification tests six simulators have been qualified at the highest qualification levels:
Three FFS – Level D
Three FNPT – Level 3 MCC.

The qualification tests have been performed to confirm compliance of the simulators to two requirements, namely the rules of aviation simulators certification in Ukraine (based on JAR FSTD(H)) and, for the first time in Ukraine, EASA CS-FSTD(H) 2012.
The State aviation authority of Ukraine has also issued Scientific and production association “AVIA”, Ltd., with the correspondent certificates and allowances to use the simulators in the educational process.

In October 2015 The State Aviation Administration of Ukraine has issued the TRTO certificate and now our training center is legitimately authorized to provide training for civilian pilots operating Mi-8 MTV (MI-17-1V), Mi-171 and Mi-17V-5 (MI-172) helicopters.

It is a very significant event for Scientific and Production Association “AVIA” and additional evidence of long standing serious work on the creation of high-end training complexes of Mil- helicopters as well as worldwide recognition of their high technical level.